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Mission Hollandaise is using a step-by-step plan for the mediation between a family and an au pair. Every step in this plan is described below. More information can be obtained in the various steps.

1. Host family application form PDF E-mail
The first step in the step-by-step plan is to get an impression of your family, wishes and particular details. You can supply us with the information by filling in the host family application form.
2. Family intake talk PDF E-mail
The second step in the step-by-step plan is to plan and execute an intake talk. The actual, paid mediation starts at this step. The duration of this talk will be between one and a half to two hours. Costs 175 euro. Intake as well possible during evening hours. 
3. Selecting the au pair that fits your requirements PDF E-mail
Based on your requirements suitable matches will be pre-selected and presented. It's the mission of Mission Hollandaise to pre-select the best candidates for the wishes and the requirements of the host family. Candidates are not limited to the ones presented in the candidates section. We have short communication lines to foreign au pair agencies to select au pairs that do fit your special requirements.  
4. Papers and Insurance PDF E-mail
Residents of the European Union (EU) do not need a visa if they want to become an au pair in another EU country. On top of that you need a medical, accident and liability insurance for the au pair

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