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Why should you as a family or an au pair go through an agency and not just meet somebody on the internet? It is quite simple to register on an au pair search internet site and it is also a lot cheaper!!!!

It is cheaper but also a great risk. Suppose you are looking for an au pair and you find a nice girl on the internet. You have a chat on the phone and she just seems the right person for your family. She is very enthusiastic and you help her to arrange entry papers into your home country.

Your au pair arranges her flight and you go and collect her from her arrival point. The first few days of your au pair's stay seem to go ok. Then one evening you come home and your au pair is in floods of tears because she is home-sick and wants to go home. You try to talk her out of it but she has made up her mind. This is just a case of homesickness, but there are cases where au pairs are not suitable to look after children or are dishonest.

So you have to start all over again. If you had engaged an au pair through an agency, they would have provided you with a replacement as soon as possible or you would have had a refund (every agency has different terms of business).

Mission Hollandaise checks if a person is suitable to be an au pair and we provide families with the following: -written references that have been checked, a "Dear family letter", a completed and detailed au pair application form, a signed au pair agreement, a medical certificate, and photographs.

An au pair that registers herself at an agency has the intentions to work as an au pair

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